What is The Honest Sex Blog?

Welcome to The Honest Sex Blog!

Let this be your home for honest information and tips regarding sex, sexuality, and sexual health. My goal is to provide you with the most accurate information available, with no sugar coating. Just the bare naked truth.

Don’t be shy, no sex topic is off limits! 

I welcome feedback, so please comment where you please. I also accept questions; just email thehonestsexblog@yahoo.com and I’ll have a reply shortly. In an effort to help others who may have similar questions, I would like to post questions and answers here our site. I understand your wishes to remain anonymous, so no identifying information will be published. If you have a serious objection to your question being shared, please state so in your email and I’ll do my best to honor your request.

If I don’t have an immediate answer on hand, I’ll find one! I am college educated, but largely self-taught in the areas of health and sexuality. I am well versed in the areas of love, relationships, experimentation, masturbation, and of course sex.

I do not receive compensation for any products discussed, so you can be sure of unbiased reviews.

Join in the fun! Send your questions to thehonestsexblog@yahoo.com

Please note that the information provided by The Honest Sex Blog is not meant to be substituted for professional medical advice.

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