The Truth About Female Genitalia

The female body is nothing less than a work of art. And like all masterpieces, each one is unique, from her eyes and mouth all the way down to her little toe.

So why the naivety surrounding female genitalia?

I know I’m not alone when I say that my lady parts have confused me on a number of occasions. More than once, I’ve wondered am I normal? Many women don’t even know which parts are which. But why is it so hard? There is certainly no shortage of female diagrams. And no lack of hardcore porn to show us “real” life women’s bodies.

The problem is not a lack of education. The problem is, there is very little acknowledgement of the very common, very normal variations of these body parts. Textbooks try to illustrate what a generic body looks like. But the truth is, most women do not have textbook genitals. Women are all crafted individually, not mass produced on a factory line. Thus, a “generic” woman does not exist. It would be impossible to draw every single possible variation. However, many women, quite understandably, conclude that they have some kind of abnormality rather than just a common, undocumented normality. And, many men and women can’t even comprehend what goes into porn. It’s hard to imagine the level of fakeness unless you’ve been behind the scenes. The truth is that most females in porn have undergone labiaplasty, a surgical procedure in which the vulva, labia, and clitoral hood are “trimmed” for the purpose of aesthetics. Very few women undergo the procedure for medical reasons. It’s a common misconception that the norm is for a woman’s outer labia to be larger than her inner labia. Even their scientific names, labia majora and labia minora promote such nonsense. In truth, there are just as many women whose inner labia are larger than their outers as there are the other way around. Both are normal. It’s normal for a woman’s inner lips to be a few inches long. It’s also normal for them to be tiny, like little rose petals, or anything in between. It’s normal for them to dangle. They also come in a wide array of colorings: tans, browns, pinks, reds, purples, sometimes even bluish. All normal. Some women have a somewhat visible clitoris, sometimes it’s more hidden. While many female porn stars seem to have the kind of clitoris that peeks out all the time, this is not necessarily the norm. Many women’s clitoral hood (what equates to the foreskin of the penis in males) covers their clitoris most of the time.  When the woman is aroused, the clitoris itself may swell and lengthen, while the hood also retracts a bit, making the clitoris visible. Some women have a larger hood, or a clitoris that is basically always the same size. In such cases, the hood can usually be pulled back manually pretty easily, allowing access to the clitoris. I might also emphasize the fact that most illustrations depict very minimal pubic hair. For many women, it’s not just a small triangular patch above their clitoris. Many women have pubic hair on the outer labia, and maybe some further back near the anal region. This is nothing peculiar. The purpose of pubic hair is to trap bacteria and unwanted particles before they enter the body, such as through orifices like the urethra, vagina, or anus. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Women who object to it can easily shave or wax it away. Modern technology and hygiene methods allow women to stay clean and healthy without pubic hair. But it’s quite natural and no woman should feel that she needs to remove it. Some women have pubic hair that blends into the hair on their inner thighs. Or a few sparse hairs or even a trail leading up to their naval. All normal. 

So with this, I hope to have dispelled some misconceptions about the appearance of female genitalia. If you’re a woman, hopefully you may find some comfort knowing that no matter what your lady bits look like, they are normal. More normal than you’ll probably ever believe. I also hope that sometime in the future, we can move on from using misleading terms like labia majora and labia minora to describe women’s genitals. They’re inner and outer lips, for crying out loud!

If you’re a man, I hope you now realize (if you haven’t already) that if you’re expecting all women to look like porn stars or scientific drawings “down there” you will be sorely disappointed.

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Thanks for reading 🙂